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Pipelines welding and assembly



ETI is able to execute pipeline construction (in various thicknesses and diameters and all kinds of steel) for the transport of fluid such as oil, gas and water.

Principal ETI activities include:

 Bending, Manual and Automatic Welding, Sandblasting, Coating, Painting, Cathodic Protection and Hydraulic Testing.


Why ETI S.p.A.

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    experience and excellent reputation

  • Punctuality

    respect of deadlines

  • Safety

    international awards and certificates

  • Leadership

    we work in Italy and in the World

Your trusty partner Eurotecnoimpianti S.r.l.

becomes ETI S.p.A.

We provide services regarding all major activities in Oil & Gas field. We carry out activities involving the whole hydrocarbons transport and storage chain, starting from pipelines and falicities ‘ construction, to their maintenance and reparation.